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The Barkery
The Name Explained

Here at Best Boy Barkery we offer a unique made to order service of delicious baked good made especially for your pooches. Made with some scrumptious combinations of dog safe ingredients, you can be assured that every bake is made with your dog's needs in mind.


 Celebration Cakes 

 Choose from 4 delicious flavours:

All cakes and Pupcakes are made with oat flour, although a grain free (GF) option is available, where the oat flour is replaced with gram (chickpea) flour 

cake flavours-3_edited_edited.png
cake flavours-3_edited_edited.jpg
cake flavours-3_edited_edited.jpg
cake flavours-3_edited_edited.jpg


Cake - £30                                                           GF Cake - £35

6 Pupcakes - £22.50                                       6 GF Pupcakes - £25

12 Pupcakes - £40                                          12 GF Pupcakes - £45


Pawty Package 1                

Cake and 6 Pupcakes - £50                        GF - £57.50    


Pawty Package 2

Cake and 12 Pupcakes - £65                        GF - £75


Seasonal Bakes

Make sure not to miss our seasonal bakes offered at certain times of the year for a limited time only.

Valentine Bites

Valentines Bites -Beetroot Coconut Oil Heart Bites -Carob Coconut Oil Heart Bites

Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies -Carob Reindeer Cookie -Gingerbread Man -Spinach and Kale Christmas Tree Cookie -Peanut Butter and Beetroot Candy Cane

Halloween Biscuits

Halloween Biscuits -Carob Bat Biscuit -Banana and Oat ghost Biscuit -Pumpkin Pumpkin Biscuit

Valentines Biscuits

Valentines Biscuits -Carob Heart Biscuits -Beetroot Heart Biscuits

Halloween Bites

Halloween Bites - Pumpkin Coconut Oil Pumpkin Bites -Banana Coconut Oil Ghost Bites -Blueberry Coconut Oil Skull Bites -Carob Coconut Oil Bat Bites

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