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What Type of Dog Can Benefit From Canine Massage Therapy?
  • Overweight dogs - massage can be used in combination with exercise & dieting to help aid weight loss.

  • Giant breeds - who are genetically predisposed to conditions such as Hip dysplasia & arthritis.

  • Working dogs - who are showing less willing to perform their normal duties.

  • Agility dogs - to maximize focus, aid performance & minimize risk of injury

  • Older dogs - who are ‘slowing down’ & appearing stiff.

  • Rescue dogs - who may suffer from anxious behaviour & hold trauma in their muscles.

  • Puppies - who need desensitizing to touch.

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What Are Some of the Many Benefits of Canine Massage Therapy? 
  • Desensitization to touch

  • Reduction in inflammation

  • Relaxation of hypertonic muscles 

  • Reduction in pain and discomfort

  • Weight loss and weight maintenance

  • Rebuild of strength following surgery

  • Increase in circulation helping to improve the condition of skin and coat

  • Restoration and improvement in mobility of joints as well as generally flexibility and range of motion

  • Redevelopment of muscle tone in cases of hypotonia

What Can I Expect to Pay for Canine Massage Therapy?

No commitment initial consultation - £40

(Including background, gait analysis, static and dynamic evaluation, palpation observations and proposal of treatment plan.)

Following massage sessions - £45 

Usually taking around 1 hour dependent on the individual dog’s needs.

Loyalty scheme - 5 massages get 6th free

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