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Pet Grooming at Best Boy Barkery

Here at Best Boy Bakery we focus on treating your pet with the same attention to detail as we would our own. With both mental and physical welfare at the centre of what we do, we pride ourselves in providing a great balance between a handsome and HAPPY hound. Not only are we able to groom Dogs of all shapes, sizes, breeds and personalities, we are eager to assist in your other pet's grooming needs, whether it be a full Cat groom or a Guinea Pig's nail trim. We are not phased by a challenge, so there's no harm in asking!


In order to ensure a grooming slot that works best for you, we advise booking at least 2 weeks in advance. Although we can be more flexible with nail appointments and will always try to get you booked in as soon as possible, please appreciate that some days are busier than others. Additionally please note, by booking your dog in to be groomed at Best Boy Barkery, you are agreeing to our Pawlicies which we recommend you read, and can be found at the bottom of this page.

There are many ways to enquire about grooming including: 

01535 656431

Puppy Groom

Any puppy can benefit from a puppy groom to not only keep them looking & smelling nice, but to introduce them to the different sounds and smells of the grooming experience. Puppies can be groomed as soon as they've had all of their jabs. A puppy groom includes: 

- Bath 

- Blow dry 

- Brush Through 

- Nail Trim 

- Ears cleaned & plucked 

- Face, feet & hygiene tidy up 

Bath & Tidy 

Not in need of a full groom but a freshen up wouldn't hurt. Get your pup booked in for a bath and a tidy which includes: 

- Bath 

- Blow dry 

- Brush 

- Tidying up of the feet, face & hygiene area 

- Nail Trim 

- Ears cleaned & plucked 

Full Groom

If you're unsure on what type of a groom your dog requires, our groomer can help advise you. 

Clip Off 

- All over clip off & styling to your liking 

Feather Trim 

- Deshed 

- Trimming of feet, legs, undercarriage, chest, ears & tail


- Removal of dead undercoat 


- Traditional grooming technique using the hands to remove dead undercoat 

Your dog's grooming needs depends on their breed; however all full grooms include: 

- Bath 

- Blow dry 

- Brush 

- Nail Trim 

- Ears cleaned & plucked 

- Hygiene area tidied up 

Nail Clipping

Not many dogs enjoy having their nails trimmed but it is very important to keep them at a good length as if they are allowed to get too long it can cause pain & effect the dog's joints. If you have difficulty keeping on top of your dog's nails at home, we are happy to book your pup in for a quick pedicure. 


Late Fees

Please arrive for your appointment on time. If you are more than 15 minutes late unfortunately your appointment may be cancelled and you will need to rebook. If you fail to turn up to an appointment you will be expected to pay 50% of the total groom price. Don't worry if you can't remember exactly when your appointment was booked for, feel free to give us a message or call the shop and we can find out for you. 


We understand life can get pretty hectic sometimes and may mean you need to cancel your pooches pamper session. If this is the case please try to cancel your appointment with more than 24hours notice; failing to do so will incur a charge of 50% of the total groom price 

Matting Policy 

It is the OWNER'S  duty of care towards their pooch to maintain their coat between grooms. If you are unsure of what equipment/ method you should be using, we are always happy to advise and demonstrate to ensure you are able to correctly care for your dog's coat, thus preventing them from becoming matted.

If the dog has small areas of matts that are able to be brushed out without causing the dog unnecessary distress, we will do everything in our power to use the appropriate tools to de-matt these areas, however please note this may incur an extra charge due to the process taking longer than the anticipated time of a normal groom.

Furthermore, if there is a considerable amount of matting, unfortunately, it may be the case that these matts need to be clipped off using a very short blade. This is because attempting to brush out these larger areas of matts can be extremely painful and traumatic for the dog and can put them off the grooming experience in the future. Additionally, in some cases it is impossible to brush out matts of this extent, so whilst you may think you could attempt to brush them out yourself at home, if our groomer is advising they be clipped off this is because it may not be physically possible to brush the matts out or that it is unfair on your pooch. This is not a decision we take likely but the welfare of the dog is always our priority. If a dog requires shaving off due to matting, there will be an extra charge to contribute towards the extra time taken to carry this out, and the servicing of the equipment used. 

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